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GrapevineStar is honored to lend its support to License India!, Franchise India, Brand Licensing India

Asia’s leading integrated Franchise solution company, Franchise India returns with its flagship annual international show “FRANCHISE INDIA 2010” to be held on December 11-12, 2010 at Hotel Ashok.

The show comprises of Exhibition | Conference | Awards and will bring in 1000s of business opportunities for over 25000 business visitors, becoming a converging platform for Franchisors, Franchisees, Licensors, Licensees, Retailers, Real Estate companies, Suppliers and so on. The show would showcase over 300 domestic & international exhibitors from various sectors like Education, Food & Beverage, Specialty Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Financial services, Real Estate, Licensing, Business suppliers and many more. Simultaneously, it will have 4 conferences, namely, Brand Licensing, Entrepreneurship Summit, Franchise Knowledge Series, and Retail Knowledge Series conference. Also, there will be a concurrent event celebrating excellence “Franchise Awards & Star Retailer Awards 2010”, where companies who have excelled in performance last financial year will be awarded. This year awards are evaluated and supported by Ernst & Young. The extensive marketing campaign of over 4.5 Cr is planned to promote the show pan India & overseas, it will include Print ads, regular Email Blast & SMS Blast, multiple Direct Mailers, Outdoor, Road shows, Television & Radio Campaign, Tele-marketing etc . In previous years we have witnessed over 25000 serious business buyers from across the country and overseas, and we expect enhanced outcome this year!

The Show predominantly features “Brand Licensing India 2010” that serves as an ideal gateway to explore Indian licensing industry gathering gathers to network and connect, to further explore possibilities to grow bigger and faster in the given peripheries. The show, Brand Licensing India 2010 is organized by License India and is supported by ultimate licensing authorities like LIMA and Bradford License India. Being India’s largest licensing platform collating knowledge, licensing opportunities and recognitions under one roof, the show comprises of:

> Licensing Exposition: Exclusive Licensing Pavilion showcasing licensing opportunities to the visiting manufacturers from varied industries

> Licensing Conference: A comprehensive knowledge forums that brings all industry experts from all around the world to share best practices in Licensing

> Awards & Recognition: Star Retailer Awards 2010, for the first time features to most credible categories to recognize excellence exclusively in Licensing.

Licensing Exhibiting Opportunities:
The Licensing Pavilion at the exhibition encompasses a separate pavilion dedicated to Licensing which would enable brands to exhibit and interact with prospective Licensees (Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Retailers). The show offers a unique opportunity for the budding licensing fraternity to apprise themselves on the concept of licensing as business module, position and explore exhibited licensing opportunities in multiple product categories and recognize the excellence in licensing.

Growing Brand Licensing Opportunities in India:
Licensing Prospects In All Spheres: Manufacturers from various industries including apparel, consumer goods, toys, gifts, accessories, sports are recognizing Licensing and are widely practicing.
Emergence of Modern & Organized retail: Has set the pace for new collaborations between International Licensing companies and Indian business houses.
Raging Character & Entertainment Licensing: Witnessing huge licensing trends all across the categories
Children’s Entertainment: Steadily gaining pace
Sports Licensing: Developed into a multibillion dollar systematic business in India with formation of various leagues
Licensing Trademarks: Has become a focal point to be at an all-time high

Why Brand Licensing 2010?
- An opportunity for you to reach out to serious prospective licensees

- Expand your product portfolio conveniently by interacting directly with manufacturers from various industries

- Network with prospects from all across India and glorify your brand image by extending in new markets

- Exposure amongst the nascent licensing space with high visibility to wider array of audience

- High media exposure for publicity

We propose you to be a part of the upcoming brand licensing arena, the Brand Licensing India 2010 as an Exhibitor or through various branding opportunities. We are pleased to attach a participation proposal with floor plan for your kind perusal. We would be pleased to pursue your interest pertaining to this. Kindly feel free to revert incase of any clarification or further information required.

Look forward to seeing you and having you with us at this grand show.

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